A five star, fitness experience like no other.

F* IT is a new fitness concept newly established in Melbourne in 2017. The whole experience from the moment you walk in – a high end, designer studio fitted with the best amenities, combined with a ‘nightclub’ themed workout.

Our aim was to make something fresh; to create a fashion forward brand with great versatility that can be used across all aspects of the business.

The brandmark consisted of two major elements, the first was the wording of F* IT and the second; a customised asterisk symbol. The two elements can be used in various ways across items of marketing and throughout various graphical works to form the stylistically bold messaging of the brand.

F*-IT brandmark F* IT Symbols F* IT Typography - Space Mono F* IT Disrupting Fitness F* IT Beat Box Lift Run F* IT Business Card concepts F*-IT Hat design concept F*-IT_T-shirt_front F*-IT T-shirt_back IT_Coming_soon_website F*-IT_Coming_soon_website_on_device

F* IT was an extremely enjoyable project, we saw great evolution through the process of design and was able to develop a brand that hit the mark in it’s appeal to our target market. We believe the brand will continue to grow and adapt to social changes, we hope our overall solution will stand the test of time and continue to be innovative and be a breath of fresh air for the fitness industry.

Check out more of F* IT at www.fk-it.com.au.